The BA Program


Our department’s BA curriculum is divided into two phases. Phase one, the students’ freshman and sophomore year, puts emphasis upon the students’ basic training in sociology. Therefore, besides the two compulsory courses, Sociology and Literature Reading and Article Writing, we have added two more required courses Social Statistics and Southern Sociology for sophomore students.

Our professors also offer courses related to three major domains: Regional Study and Social Innovation, Gender, Culture and Theory, and Political Economy. These courses are designed to develop the students’ basic sociological knowledge and allow them to develop their own interests.

In phase two, which starts from the students’ junior year, courses are mainlydesigned to divide the students into groups to conduct independent group research under the professors’ guidance. Also/alternatively, the students can take this opportunity to combine learning and thesis writing.  

In designing research topics, we stick to our department’s principle of “southern sociology” and take the Cijin District as our field of study. We have come up with six themes for the students’ fieldwork.

1. Fisherman, Fisheries and Fishing Technology

2. Social Survey of Senior Citizens and Program Design

3. The History of the Dachen Migration: The Displacement and National/Home Identity of “Dachenzai”

4. Environment and Society: Research on the Changing Coastline of Cijin

5. The Social Networks of Political and Religious Activities in Cijin

6. Religions, Ethnic Groups, and the Cijin Society

Our professors will instruct students on how to conduct further independent group studies through group training.

The current graduation requirement for our BA program is 131 credits: 32 credits from required courses, and 65 credits from optional courses. Among optional courses, the students must take at least 6 courses from 2 different fields. In addition, for the optional courses, the students must earn 6 credits and take 2 of the following 4 courses: Politics, Economics, Psychology and Foreign Languages in order to meet the graduation requirements.

The following is the structure chart of our department’s BA curriculum.



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